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Images of Oakland's Jingletown, San Antonio, Fruitvale, and Downtown Districts, Oakland Estuary, West Oakland, Alameda, and further afield...
The Estuary shrouded in early morning fog, from the Park Street Bridge (2007).

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Categories: East Oakland

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susan parish said:

Dear Hamish,
I love your work. I love your work because your view your eyes are similar to my own. However, I am a photo newbie with a good digital camera. Nikon DX40, 10 megs and an 18 to 135 lens. I have been a practicing and somewhat successful artist for 40 years. Am currently teaching Graphic Design. I too love photoshop. I like what you did combining the figure with industry. Your shots around Jingletown make me think you live there. I've been there for 22 years. I've never written a fan letter in my life prior to today. susan

Hamish Reid Author Profile Page said:

Susan -- thanks for the comments! Yes, I live in the Jingletown area, but just on the wrong side of 23rd Avenue for the Jingletown purists (you've probably seen me walking around or on my bike in the neighbourhood over the past ten years on my way to the shops or just wandering around. I'm the sort of guy no one notices until someone points me out and then they realise they've seen me around every day or so :-)). That D40 and lens combination you've got is nice, indeed. Wish I'd had something like that twenty years ago :-).

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