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Images of Oakland's Jingletown, San Antonio, Fruitvale, and Downtown Districts, Oakland Estuary, West Oakland, Alameda, and further afield...
The two Santas of the Apocalypse
The two Santas of the Apocalypse, Christmas 2007.

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Karen said:

I enjoyed your photoblog tonight. I was out Christmas morning and was also struck by the santas and factory and took a similar shot. I love this factory next to the water. It's so Oakland. You have a great eye. Thanks for sharing your photos.

Hamish Reid Author Profile Page said:

Karen -- thanks! For a while the Santas were lying deflated across the boat's top which was even more surreal, but that didn't photograph quite as well :-). And yes, the whole scene is very Oakland... I walk past that factory every day -- It has a certain rhythm to the noise and movements that I know so well after all the years here.

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