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The classic old Pier 29 restaurant and cocktail bar, nestled up against the Park Street Bridge on one side and the new condo complex on the other, and built on piles right on the Estuary (you used to be able to moor your boat there and wander up for a leisurely dinner. Or so it appeared — it's not like I have a boat or anything). It closed a year or two ago, and along with the surrounding lot it's been up for sale ever since. It'll probably end up torn down and rebuilt as lifestyle lofts… (Spring 2008).

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Tod Souza said:

This was a great place to eat

Hamish Reid Author Profile Page said:

It's good to hear that — it was always one of those places I meant to go to but by the time I got around to it, it was closed. Tiki Tom's has bought it up and made it over as Tiki Tom's Tiki Bar, which I guess is a lot better than tearing it down…

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