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Images of Oakland's Jingletown, San Antonio, Fruitvale, and Downtown Districts, Oakland Estuary, West Oakland, Alameda, and further afield...
The 3rd annual Jingletown holiday art walk is this weekend (December 6 and 7); if you're in the area, check it out (I'm out of town on the weekend, unfortunately, but I'm going to try to be at the opening reception on Friday evening). (December 2008; painting on card by Fernando Reyes)

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Bravo! Well done. (If only there had been clouds in the sky to resemble those on the card. :)

Hamish Reid Author Profile Page said:

Mindy -- thanks! I pass this spot every day so it was instant recognition when I saw the card (and it's tempting to clone Fernando's clouds into the scene with Photoshop :-)). In any case, there was a huge truck illegally parked where I really wanted to stand while taking the image, so it's not quite right -- you can't see as much of the houses as I'd have liked. Oh well.

Cynthia said:

Nice shot, too bad about the truck. Good to see you at the show.

Hamish Reid Author Profile Page said:

Cynthia -- thanks for the comment! It was good to meet you and the other Jingletown people at the show -- shame I was out of town all weekend and missed a lot of the other galleries. Oh well...

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