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Sigame by Emeryville's Scott Donahue at Union Point Park, Oakland.
What emerged from under the covers…. Sigamé by Emeryville's Scott Donahue. I'm not entirely sure of the story here, but this was originally (2001?) placed in downtown Oakland, where it seems to have proved too controversial for that august space (it's an amalgam of well-known and not-so-well-known Oakland women which I've heard called "Frankenwoman" after the rather odd effect and colouring), and was relocated here to Union Point Park in time for the park's opening, where it seems to work well. Kids play on and around it, adults generally read the writing around the base and talk about the women named there, and no one's ever complained about it, at least when I've been there. I've always kinda liked it, both here and in its original location…. (December 2009).

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