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Images of Oakland's Jingletown, San Antonio, Fruitvale, and Downtown Districts, Oakland Estuary, West Oakland, Alameda, and further afield...
Park Street Bridge

June 2010 Archives

First Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church: The First Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church, Shattuck Avenue, Oakland.

East 12th: Part of (what I think used to be) St. Joseph's school and church, East 12th Street, Fruitvale, Oakland.

Glascock and Peterson: The lofts at Glascock and Peterson streets, Jingletown, Oakland, California.

Redwoods and Gum Trees: The beautiful old grove of Bluegums (eucalypts) in the western end of the University of California Berkeley campus.

Outsiders!: The view from Addison Street, Berkeley.

Couldn't Do WIthout It: Someone once asked me what equipment I used for Around...

Ford and Derby: Ford and Derby, Jingletown, Oakland.

Oakland Metro Opera House: Oakland Metro Opera House, 3rd Street Oakland.

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